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Looe Woodland, River and Coast

Distance: 3 miles/4.8km Easy – Moderate

Considerations: Sturdy walking shoes are recommended and paths can be slippery after wet weather. There are no fields with livestock on this route.

About This Walk:

The walk winds into the mature broadleaf woodland of Kilminorth Woods by following the Giant’s Hedge, built in the Dark Ages before a woodland existed here. The walk descends to the riverbank and then follows the West Looe River down to its confluence beside the pool that powered Looe’s mills. The route follows the river to the bridge and crosses this to East Looe, continuing all the way along the quay to where the river meets the sea at the Banjo Pier. After passing along the beach, the walk winds through the mediaeval alleyways past some of Looe’s oldest buildings before returning to the car park.

Talland Bay to Looe

Distance: 6.8 miles/10.9km Moderate – Strenuous

Considerations: Walking boots are recommended; the route includes paths that are close to cliffs.
Dogs are allowed on Talland Bay beach all year round. There is one stile on the route, leading out of Kilminorth Woods. There is a gap in the fence where dogs can bypass the stile.

About This Walk

The walk starts at Talland Bay and follows the coast path around Portnadler Bay overlooking Looe Island before reaching Looe at Hannafore Point. The walk then follows the foreshore to the Looe River and continues along the quay to the confluence of the East and West Looe rivers. The route turns up the West Looe River to Kilminorth Wood, then follows the Giant’s Hedge through the woods and crosses the hill to Kilminorth. The return route is on small lanes and across fields via Talland church.


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