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Vehicular Access

Vehicular access is by the Lansallos highway off the B3359 between the villages of Pelynt and Lanreath. There are two driveways into Tremaine Manor & Country Cottages with a car parking space near each cottage, some of which are covered. The first driveway is an exit driveway only and for Deliveries. Please drive to the second driveway marked Entrance, which has the Stone Archway in full view. There is also a car park 50 metres the far side of the Archway. You will receive prior to your arrival a site plan of the Tremaine Estate, which will indicate your designated car parking space and the location of your cottage or the Manor House. The internal roadways can be used for arrival, departure and unloading only. No Cars can be parked on the internal roadways and may only park in their designated space or in the car park available. We try to keep the roadways pedestrianized as much as possible.

Public Transport

The nearest bus stop is in the village of Pelynt 1 mile distant. The nearest train station is at Looe some 4.5 miles distant (10 minutes by taxi). Our nearest Airports are Newquay, Plymouth and Exeter (all 40 minutes or more away by taxi). The area is well served by taxis.


The cottages of Tremaine Manor & Country Cottages vary in age of construction from the 1640’s. As such the buildings are designed to the criteria and requirements of those times. Investigation into changing the cottages to achieve the various levels of mobility access under the Visit Britain criteria have been made; and was found to be non-effective.

The site of Tremaine Manor & Country Cottages is not on level ground, but on a small gradient from West to North–East.  All cottages have a front door step or sill to directly access them.  Cottage access details are as follows:

The 1640’s Farmhouse has a downstairs bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs up a narrow winding staircase.

The Tinner’s cottage can be accessed over its front lawn on level ground.  Downstairs in this 3-bedroom cottage is a small bunkroom and a small shower-bathroom as well as the kitchen-dining room, the lounge is upstairs.           

Should an enquirer have a particular access need they should make this known so the staff of Tremaine Green cottages can offer factual information on the cottages and grounds, from which the enquirer can best assess if we suit their needs. 

The remaining cottages all have upstairs bathrooms, accessed by stairs.         

The Mariner’s and Gardener’s one-bedroom cottages are the only cottages with all the floors at ground level, however both have a front door step. An access ramp is available for the Mariner’s cottages.  Neither cottage has the floor area to meet disabled grading criteria.

The Cobbler’s and Gamekeeper’s cottages can be accessed on level ground through their French windows.  However, these cottages are conventional in layout with the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs.                           

The Housekeeper’s one-bedroom cottage is accessible over its level front lawn; however, the bedroom and bathroom are upstairs.     

The 1640’s Farmhouse has a downstairs bathroom and three bedrooms upstairs up a narrow winding staircase.  There is an ensuite shower bathroom in the double bedroom upstairs.

The 1760’s Ploughman’s three-bedroom cottage has a downstairs living room, kitchen and an ensuite (shower bathroom) double bedroom all on the same level.  The bathroom doorway is only 2’3″/ 69cm wide, and the shower has a 4″ /10cm lip.




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